Crypto (BitCoin) Advertising Networks you should know

Crypto Currency Advertising Networks

If you own a website and would like to begin earning some bitcoins with its traffic, you might want to partner with a bitcoin advertising network instead of Google AdSense.  These networks basically serve advertisements on your own site on behalf of advertisers that work together and will pay you after you reach a particular threshold.  They can be a great way to earn a few bitcoins while blogging about what you love.  Here are some of the very best ones (in no Specific order)

CoinURL enables users to earn in two distinct ways: either via interstitial advertisements or via banner ads.  Interstitial ads make it possible for users to monetize links that are coded, which may be utilised in tweets and Facebook posts since they appear if the user clicks on the link.

Banner ads are displayed on your website, and allow you to get in the favourite PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system.  The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC.  Recently, some people have been claiming the website stopped paying, we couldn’t yet affirm this.

Fundamentally, as a writer, you will provide advertisers a small advertising space on your site, and will earn in line with the amount being bidden — should advertisers love your site you will earn more, and if they do not you may still earn a couple satoshis for setting the ad up space.

BitMedia allows publishers to show both text and banner ads and has a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.01 BTC.  The network can be seen as bitcoin’s version of Google AdSense, as it uses the powerful PPC version and offers very significant rates, as long as your website passes its rigorous approval criteria and has high-quality traffic.

It isn’t easy for publishers to work with Coinad, as they can only be accepted by invite.   Statistics given are fairly restricted, but the advertisement fill rate is great and, based on a few of those who have tried the network, publishers are well paid.

Crypto Currency Advertising Networks

Mellow Ads is a veteran in the current market, and it can assist your site either earn a whole lot or even a little, based on the level of your traffic.  Additionally, it pays a view or clicks, so a great deal of returning users may essentially mean publishers will not earn as much as they would expect.  They only accept high-quality websites but claim to provide publishers 90% of what they get out of advertisers.

It’s existed for a long time and is a really reliable service.  To earn, publishers do not even need to enrol on the platform, they just need to select an advertisement unit type, filter ads which can be shown on their site, and set their withdrawal parameters.  Publishers are paid per unique impressions, possibly on a daily basis, and can also earn through referred sales, depending on the advertisers.

Cointraffic doesn’t give out a great deal of information, but from what we have gathered this bitcoin advertisement network works with trusted publishers, and pays them well.  Their support system is regularly seen as the very best, as far as bitcoin ad networks go, which means they’ll quickly help publishers outside.  They calculate earnings in fiat currencies, but purchase bitcoin — this can impact your earnings if the cost abruptly changes.

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